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Many organizations are interested in the development, manufacture, sale or use of Electric Vehicles and their components. The following websites contain information about Electric Vehicles (EVs)

What is an Electric Car?
Electric Vehicles (EV) refer to both Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)
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Where can I learn about the benefits of Electric Vehicles, Grants available, types of vehicles etc?
The SEAI Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland's website provides detailed information for the consumer about the types of Electric Vehicles available, grants available, general information on vehicle safety, Motor Tax and VRT, electricity suppliers, infrastructure available and much more.

Where can I buy an electric vehicle?
There is an increasing variety of electric cars coming to the Irish market which will deliver high levels of performance, comfort and economy to suit a variety of needs.
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Where electric charging points located?
There are 3 categories of charge points for electric car drivers to use. Home charge points, on-street charge points and fast charge points.
ESB ecars have installed electric charge points at the following locations.

Ireland is in a fantastic position being the only country to offer free home charging points and free installation to the first 2,000 EV purchasers. The majority of EV customers will charge their vehicles at home overnight and will use the public charging points as a means to top up the vehicles charge when necessary. Fleet customers will generally charge the vehicles at their company premises or at the home of the driver.