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SIMI Autosure Professional Register 

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Upon registration, members will be invoiced, once SIMI is in receipt of payment the Autosure Professional Register pack will be distributed to you. 


If you would like to become a participating Dealer, please submit the following information:

Name of Technician Appropriate craft qualification(s)
e.g. National Craft Certificate, 4th Year Apprentice, Master Technician, etc
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T&C of SIMI Autosure Professional Register

As an SIMI member participating in the 2018 SIMI Professional Register, in addition to the current SIMI Code of Ethics, I undertake to:
  1. Only use appropriately qualified Technicians to work on supervise, and sign off on, all work completed on a vehicle.
    1. Appropriately Qualified means: A technician who holds a National Craft Certificate or equivalent qualification from another country, specific to Service and Repair of the vehicle in question.
    2. An appropriately qualified technician can sign off on work competed by a registered apprentice who is working under the supervision of a qualified Technician.
  2. Keep all old parts that are replaced and educate the customer as to what work was completed on their vehicle.
  3. Carry out a service to the standard recommended by the Manufacturer.
  4. Only outsource service work (if applicable) to other current SIMI Garages participating in the scheme.
  5. Use only original parts or parts of matching quality.
  6. Dispose of all waste and replaced parts in accordance with the EPA regulations.
  7. Put a sticker on each vehicle that:
    1. Has work completed by one of my qualified Technicians
    2. Passes an inspection completed by one of my qualified technicians
    3. New Vehicle that passes a pre inspection before delivery