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About Us

The SIMI was formed when the Society of the Irish Motor Traders Ltd and the Irish Motor Traders Association merged together in 1968.

The SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry) is the official voice of the motor industry in Ireland. We are a member's organisation which consists of Dealers, Repairers, Vehicle Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Vehicle Testers and many more important operators within the industry in Ireland. Our role is to represent the views of the motor industry by campaigning to the Government, state bodies, the media and the motoring public.

The Structure of the Society

The National Executive Council has the right to create other committees, in addition to the Standing Committees, in order to carry out specific work/problems. It is the role of the Management Board to suggest strategies and plans of campaign to the National Executive Council; to manage the financial, internal and administrative affairs of the Society; to advise the National Executive Council on the general direction of the policy of the Society; and, to take action, as needed, in the promotion and defence of the interests of the motor industry and members of the Society.

Our Team

Our Team in the SIMI include:




Code of Ethics

Recognising the responsibility of every organisation/company to maintain high standards of business ethics and integrity, as members in good standing of The Society of the Irish Motor Industry.

We subscribe to the following principles and pledge to:

We accept these principles and pledge this organisation to abide by them.

SIMI Annual Report