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Vehicle Registration Tax

Vehicle Registration Tax is chargeable on registration of a motor vehicle in the State. All motor vehicles in the State, other than those brought in temporarily by visitors, must be registered with the Revenue Commissioners. A vehicle must be registered before it can be licensed for road tax purposes.

Since July 1st 2008, Vehicle Registration tax is calculated by reference to the Co2/km of a passengar car.

VRT Rates on Passenger Cars

To be paid on all passenger cars, effective from January 1st 2013

Co2 Emissions
CO2 RangeVRT Rates
A10 to 80 Gms CO214%
A281 to 100 Gms CO215%
A3101 to 110 Gms CO216%
A4111 to 120 Gms CO217%
B1121 to 130 Gms CO218%
B2131 to 140 Gms CO219%
C141 to 155 Gms CO223%
D156 to 170 Gms CO227%
E171 to 190 Gms CO230%
F191 to 225 Gms CO234%
G226 Gms CO2 & Above36%

The VRT reliefs for electric vehicles (up to €5,000), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (up to €2,500), and hybrid and flexible fuel vehicles (up to €1,500) are being retained for a further 12 months to end December 2013.

VRT Rates on Commercial Vehicles

VRT Category B – Light commercial Vehicles

The rate of VRT applicable to Category B vehicles, subject to a minimum VRT of €125, is 13.3% of the Open Market Selling Price (OMSP).

VRT Category C – Heavy Commercial Vehicles

The VRT rate applicable to Category C vehicles is a flat rate of €200.