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SIMI Training Programmes

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Course Date: 08/12/2017

Overall Aim and Objectives: The objective of this one day training course is to provide trainees with the skills and competencies to work professionally as a Parts Advisor in the retail Motor Industry in Ireland

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Course Date: 06/12/2017

A two day Aftersales management course, designed for service and parts managers.

The goal of the workshop is to address head-on the issues created by falling captive service and parts parcs in Ireland. Lower sales volumes & profit margins in car sales, together with the continuous extension of car life are making the performance of the aftersales operations a key to the financial health of a dealership. 


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Course Date: 22/11/2017


The objective of this course is to provide a clear understanding of the key aspects of Consumer legislation that apply when dealing with retail customers in the Irish Motor Industry, whether it’s buying or selling a new or used vehicles or carrying out servicing and repairs.  

The course is essential for Business Owners, General Managers, Sales and Aftersales Managers, and Sales & Service staff, who wish to gain a valuable insight into the potential legal pitfalls from the Retail Motor Industry perspective.   


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Course Date: 17/11/2017

The objective of this training course is to provide trainees with the skills and knowledge to effectively, efficiently operate with confidence as a Workshop Supervisor/Manager in the retail Motor Industry in Ireland.



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Course Date: 09/11/2017


Who Should Attend?  This course is aimed at customer facing staff in Commercial Vehicle Test Centres 
Excellence in customer service doesn't come about easily. It needs to be carefully defined, planned and managed. The focus should be on delivering great service every day, across every interaction you have both internally and externally. This high impact programme will focus on delivering practical training to customer service staff in Commercial Vehilce Test Centres to equip them to deliver Customer Service Excellence


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Course Date: 02/11/2017


This SIMI SKILLNET course is for any automotive technician expected to diagnose vehicle system faults and test electrical circuits or components. Automotive oscilloscopes are being increasingly utilised for the confirmation of faults and are now an essential piece of equipment for any workshops. The ability to test the signals passing between electronic systems and the respective actuators and sensors is now a routine skill set. This course is an introduction to the skills required in using a typical Automotive Oscilloscope for fault diagnosis. 


The SIMI Skillnet is funded by member companies and the Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets Ltd. funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.  PLEASE NOTE: Skillnets is a state funded, enterprise led support body promoting and facilitating training and upskilling through networks, the Training Networks Programme (TNP) 2016, also provides funding to job-seekers to access, free of charge, relevant industry specific training programmes.  For more information contact Margaret O’Shea at email:    

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Course Date: 31/10/2017


This course is for technicians who carry out any electrical testing or diagnosis on modern vehicle systems.

Objectives: The focus of the training will be to provide trainees with a working knowledge of the test procedures that allow correct diagnosis of system and circuit faults. The underpinning theory and practical exercises will provide trainees with a sound foundation understanding of auto electrical principles and fundamental test procedures using digital multi meters.

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Course Date: 25/10/2017

The Minimum Competency Code sets out the minimum standard required by law for persons providing advice on or arranging financial products for consumers. Persons or entities who fail to meet the minimum standard required by the Code will not be permitted to provide advice to consumers on retail financial products, such as Payment Protection Insurance or to arrange retail financial products for consumers.

Accredited individuals are required to complete 15 hours formal CPD annually. SIMI Consumer Credit CPD modules are designed specifically for accredited individuals (‘grandfathered’ and qualified) in the motor industry who have attained and continue to satisfy the specified minimum competency code (Minimum Competency Code 2011).    

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Course Date: 18/10/2017


This is an advanced course aimed at those individuals who want to enhance their existing sales skills and knowledge, with aspirations to work at a more senior level within a successful sales department in the Irish market

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Course Date: 10/10/2017

Mistakes when dealing with VAT and VRT can be costly – significant changes to the treatment of VAT in the Motor Industry have happened in recent years and it is essential that you and your staff are aware of the correct procedures and are up to date.  SIMI revise the content and format of this training programme on an ongoing basis to ensure that it meets the needs of members by dealing with areas such as the New Scheme providing for an Export Repayment of VRT which is available since 8th April 2013 - Used car imports, and the treatment of pre-registered vehicles - the difference between demonstrators/pre-registered for own use and those that are put out to car hire.  The programme is suitable for accounts and sales staff in retail garages


The Trainer Jimmy Rynhart, Director of Indirect Tax at BDO is an expert in this area with many years of experience of working with Motor Industry Businesses.

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