Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle are referred to as PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) include both a traditional combustion engine and an electric battery. They can be driven by either power source.

 Like an EV, the car is charged by plugging it directly to an electric charging system. Charging PHEVs can be done through the National Charging Infrastructure which operates throughout the island of Ireland (both fast and slow charging), through a home charger which can be installed at your home, or by workplace charging.

Unlike an EV, PHEVs have reduced range anxiety, as the internal-combustion engine takes over from the electric motor when the battery runs down. Typically, the battery in a PHEV can run for up to 50km, which means for shorter journeys it can be driven entirely on the battery. For longer distances the car will automatically switch to the internal-combustion engine should the need arise. PHEVs have automatic transmission.

The purchase cost of PHEVs is higher than its petrol or diesel equivalent. Driving a PHEV efficiently on short journeys can significantly reduce both fuel costs and emissions, and it is essential that the battery is always charged if PHEV owner wants to benefit from these savings.