Motoring Information

The Motor Industry is an exciting, innovative and dynamic Industry to be a part of and in the last number of years, we have seen advances in technology which are contributing to changes in the way vehicles are designed and the way in which we drive. Features such as cameras, parking sensors, lane assist, blue tooth, cruise control, and push start technology are just some of the examples of the technology that are now available in new cars which help to enhance our driving experience. Cars are our number one source of mobility and the safety of drivers and passengers is paramount.

In Ireland there are currently 2 million vehicles on Irish roads, which consist primarily of the traditional fuel source diesel or petrol. Advances in technology has seen the creation of alternative fuel vehicles such as electric cars, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and hybrid vehicles which have come on to the market in recent years. ACEA have produced this fact sheet on the importance of cars in Europe

This section of our website hopes to provide you with a variety of information on a range of motor industry topics which may be of interest.