The Society of the Irish Motor Industry is the official voice for the Motor Industry in Ireland, which encourages and promotes the interests of the motor industry. SIMI is a professional ethical and representative body that has reached the highest standards in the Motor Industry. This recognition comes from consumers, the government and other businesses and is a mark of distinction that sets members apart from others within the industry. Membership of the Society provides members with a range of expertise, industry contacts and benefits.

How do I become a Member of SIMI?

Membership of the SIMI is open to any business involved in the motor industry in Ireland.

Firstly, complete the online application form and you will then receive a membership application pack in the post.

What is in the application pack?

Included in the pack are the application forms, a direct debit form, an insurance form, a logo consent form and a checklist of other paperwork which is needed to be included in your application for membership

What happens next?

When you have compiled all of the relevant paperwork, return the pack to: Séamus McCormack, SIMI, 5 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2

A visit will then be arranged with you to inspect your premises in order to finalise your application for consideration of membership.

After a successful visit your application is then presented for consideration of membership to the next SIMI National Executive Council Meeting. All applications have to be ratified by the SIMI National Executive Council.

If I have any questions who can I talk to?

For any queries on your membership eligibility, the criteria, paperwork required, the length of the process etc please contact SIMI head office on 01-6761690.

Benefits of Membership

The SIMI is the official representative body for the motor industry in Ireland and is recognised by the state, state agencies and media outlets as such. At SIMI, everything we do, we do to protect and support our members. We believe in going above and beyond to deliver on this promise. We have a dedicated, professional, driven team who care about your business and the Motor Industry.

Who can join SIMI?

Membership of SIMI currently consists of:

  • Vehicle Distributors,
  • Parts and Equipment Suppliers,
  • Oil Companies,
  • Franchise and Independent car sales and service dealers,
  • Franchise and Independent truck/van sales and service dealers,
  • Vehicle Testers,
  • Vehicle Body Repair Specialists,
  • Vehicle Recovery Operators,
  • Windscreen Repairers,
  • Tyre Centres,
  • Vehicle Converters,
  • Body Builders,
  • Auto Electrical Specialists,
  • Motor Factors,
  • Engine Remanufacturers,
  • Motorcycle Retailers,
  • Petrol Stations
  • Finance Houses
  • Service Providers to the Industry

What does joining SIMI mean for your company?

Membership of the SIMI gives your company a distinctive national corporate identity which reflects the highest level of professionalism within the Irish motor industry. It gives consumers both private and commercial an additional confidence when dealing with your business.

Services to SIMI Members

  • Taxation Advice – VAT, VRT, BIK
  • Employment Advice – Recruitment, Disciplinary Procedures, Employee Contracts etc
  • Day to Day Business Information – GDPR, Trade Plates, Environmental Issues
  • Statistics – Online Detailed Statistics
  • Industry Training Courses
  • Regular communication on issues affecting the Industry
  • Use of the SIMI Logo Use of the SIMI sales order form for Retail and Trade Sales
  • Networking – SIMI Meetings & Events

Cost Savings

  • Motor Trade Group Insurance Programme.
  • Group Credit Card Discount Scheme
  • which also includes the Car History Check programme

Representing You

  • Access to Government through the Society to voice the opinions of the Industry.
  • Representing the different sectoral interests through dedicated committees.
  • Lobbying on behalf of the Industry to create a better economic and legislative climate for member businesses.

Criteria For Membership

Upon receipt of your Application pack you will need to complete the various forms (supplied) and return the requested additional documentations outlined.

Application Process

  • SIMI Membership Application Form
  • Direct Debit Form (attached to Application) - New applicants must pay entrance fee/subscription by Direct Debit
  • Insurance Cover Form
    A current original Tax Clearance Certificate.
    A copy of the company’s most recent Annual Return.
  • Photographs of your premises – interior/exterior.
  • Planning Permission documentation for the purpose of carrying out a motor business at your premises, as per membership eligibility outlined on the current membership application form.
    Note Applicants whose premises were constructed pre-1963 are required to furnish a Declaration signed by a practicing Solicitor or Commissioner for Oaths confirming that no works have been carried out since 1963 which would require planning permission.
  • Letters of Proposal: Three written proposals by current members of the Society who have been in membership for over three years. These letters to be written on the proposer’s company headed paper. The proposer can only be the Managing Director/Dealer Principle of the company.

All of the above documentation must accompany your completed Membership Application Form in order for us to proceed in processing your application for membership of the Society. Completed form should be returned to SIMI Membership Department, 5 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2.

There are the various membership categories and subscription rates for 2018 which can be viewed under our prices. In applying for membership of the SIMI it is a requirement that an appropriate Direct Debit mandate in respect of membership and entrance fee be completed and returned with the application form.

Inspection Visit

Once the application forms and all relevant documentation have been received, an acknowledgement will be sent to the applicant and arrangements will be made for the Society to visit and inspect the applicant’s premises with a view to finalising the application in order to have it presented to the National Executive Council for consideration.

Probationary Period

The initial period of membership will be probationary. This will extend to the date of the first National Executive Council (NEC) following the first 12 months of membership. The member’s suitability for full membership shall be considered by the National Executive Council at its first meeting following the probationary period. Members are subject to the Rules of the Society and enjoy the full benefits of membership of the Society during their probationary period.