Second Hand Tyres

RSA & SIMI Campaign

The Society continues to work with the Road Safety Authority (RSA) on many projects. The RSA has made an invaluable contribution in their ongoing work to educate the country on the importance of road safety and save lives.

Second-hand (part worn) tyres

The safety of a tyre is directly related to how long it has been used for. So if you’re thinking of buying second hand tyres, remember what they could cost you.

In its latest campaign the RSA has highlighted the cost and potential danger of buying second hand (part-worn) tyres. Second-hand or part-worn tyres are tyres which have been used on another vehicle. Such tyres can pose a serious road safety risk. The history of a second hand tyre is relatively unknown - it could have been involved in a crash or have internal damage, which may not be visible once fitted to your vehicle. Even if these tyres meet the minimum thread depth requirements, they may not uphold in an emergency braking or steering situation.

Members helping to spread the Road Safety Message

Michael Redmond Service Manager on the left and the customer is John Watson.