The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) commissioned Arup and Jim Power Economics Limited to review global best practice, existing Irish practice, and potential future options to accelerate the achievement of emissions reduction targets and increase the uptake of zero emissions vehicles in line with the ambitions of the Irish Government. It is expected that those targets will be so legislated for, and the industry is keen to collaborate with the Government to assist decarbonising the national transport fleet.

SIMI requested that we review the broadest approaches to decarbonisation of the light vehicle fleet, beyond only electrification. SIMI also required that we identify within those potential actions those that SIMI members might have a role in delivering; and those that SIMI would be reliant upon others for. 

This research is produced independently of SIMI’s position to inform SIMI about the options available, and for it to determine those that are suitable for its purposes.

Climate Action Briefing 

The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) recently launched our Climate Action Plan for Transport (details below), describing how the Motor Industry, consumers and business can make the transition to a low carbon economy. At our recent climate action briefing event with thanks to our host Johnson & Perrott Motor Group, our panel discussed the journey towards electrification of the National Fleet, how the infrastructure will evolve to meet this demand and the changes that will accelerate the decarbonisation of Transport. 

Report Launch

A key environmental policy to have almost a million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road by 2030 will be a huge challenge unless the Government incentivises and supports dealing with the oldest polluting cars, while exponentially increasing the charging infrastructure nationwide, according to a new report for SIMI by Arup and economist Jim Power on reducing light fleet carbon emissions to achieve Government targets. 

Pictured at the report launch (L-R) Terry Lee-Williams, ARUP, Brian Cooke, Director General SIMI, Gillian Fanning SIMI President, Jim Power Economist

Four Point Plan to a Clean Fleet

Rapidly reduce national fleet emissions 

Build consumer confidence

Incentivise consumer action

Increase mobility management