Road Safety

We all share the road we all have a responsibility

 SIMI What We Do

As a key stakeholder, the Motor Industry has an important part to play in helping to promote safety on our roads.

From the vehicles we sell, to the repairs we undertake, to the parts we fit and the vehicles we test we all have a responsibility to carry out our duties to the highest standard.

As a motorist you too have a responsibility to ensure that the vehicle you are driving is safe. Car maintenance and servicing are often viewed as a discretionary item. The reality is that car servicing is perhaps the most important spending on your car because it is focused at making sure that your car is safe for you and your family to travel in and for other road users and pedestrians.

Although speed, driver error, drink driving and fatigue are identified as the major causes in serious road accidents, the consequences are multiplied when the car has safety related faults and may result in serious injury or death that might be avoided if the car is safely maintained.

Your Vehicle's Roadworthiness

It is your responsibility

Keep your car in a safe and roadworth condition.

Road Safety we all have a part to play

Pedestrian, Cyclist, Motorist

The road is for everyone to travel on and in doing so each day by whatever means we travel we all must observe the rules of the road.