Government COVID-19 Further Restrictions Announced: Vehicle Sales, Service and Repair


Following the Government’s recent announcement (6/01/20).

Vehicle Sales is not classed as “Essential Retail”. Showrooms must remain closed to the public. Click and collect from non-essential retail outlets is no longer permitted with immediate effect. Existing orders may be collected. Click and deliver will continue to be permitted. Customers should check with their local retailer.

Vehicle servicing and repair, NCT and CVRT continue to be classed as essential retail outlets undertaking essential services.

People are being advised to restrict their travel within 5km of their homes, they will be allowed access to essential retail outlets and services beyond the 5km limit. This includes servicing and vehicle testing. It is advisable that retailers provide to their testing/service/repair customers proof (text or email) of the details in the event they are stopped at a Garda checkpoint.

Our Members continue to comply and operate with all Government, HSE & HSA guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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